Wednesday, June 5, 2013

-Allessandra & Jordan's Wedding-

I work with Allessandra at doTERRA and she is a darling girl.  She asked me if I would make her cupcakes and cake for her wedding.  Of course I couldn't turn down the opportunity to make 300 cupcakes and stack them on this ginormous cupcake tower.  Allessandra rented the cupcake stand and it really got me thinking that I need to have Aaron make me the stand and then I would doll it all up and use it for weddings, parties, reunions, really anything.  This stand almost held all of the 300 cupcakes.  It's HUGE!  
Aaron helped me tremendously on this wedding.  I really couldn't have finished in time without him.  So I need to give credit where credit is due.  Aaron subtly mentioned that he does all of the work and I get the fame...haha.  So here you go Aaron!  This is for you.  He assembled the cupcake boxes and filled them with cupcakes.  He trailed me with sprinkles while I frosted.   He was my sprinkle man.  I asked him if he wanted to learn how to frost a cupcake and he was game.  I showed him slowly how to do a few and let him give it a go...two cupcakes later...We both agreed that it was best if he just followed me with sprinkles :)  Okay ladies and gentleman, are you ready for this?  He totally used this mold to make the cast iron design on this cake.  He would carefully put in the black fondant and make sure the edges were all clean and pop them out.  I would then assemble them on the cake.  He was such a lifesaver that day.  So THANK YOU Aaron :)  Love you babe. 

Thanks again for the help :)

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